Kiana, Who?

Hey! Hi! Hello!

My name is Kiana and I’m always doing the wrong thing. Not in a charming Zooey Deschanel “Oh my god did I trip over my ukelele AGAIN?” kind of way. At every opportunity, regardless of the circumstances, I will take the path that will lead me towards the most awkward, upsetting and vaguely amusing outcome. Sometimes, that outcome involves pee.

…Most times, that outcome involves pee.

Here I am standing majestically with some trees:


That was one of my senior pictures. Don’t let it fool you, though: I’m not usually that ethereal/laid back. Here is another picture from the same photo shoot:


I like making people laugh and spending ridiculous amounts of money on iTunes. My greatest dream is to one day become the editor and chief of a women’s magazine and then always be the cover model like Oprah. Or to just meet Oprah. I’d settle for either.

Here are a few of my favorite blog posts:

A Letter To My Thirteen Year Old Self

Life Skills: Making Friends in College 

A Brief History of My (Several) Urine Related Incidents 

Conversation With My Mother

Wednesday Thought

I hope you stick around for a while!



13 thoughts on “Kiana, Who?

    • mebeki says:

      UM I just got through looking at your blog and honestly, it’s kind of an inspiration! I took a short break from blogging for a bit, but just looking through your blog makes me wanna jump back in ASAP. Thanks for the award! I’ll get started writing as soon as possible! 🙂

      • Adi, the Happy Lifeaholic says:

        Oh my. Thanks Kiana! That’s so very nice of you to say. But I’m glad I made you want to blog again – I spent a good hour roaming around your blog and I love your sense of humor! I look forward to reading more posts from you soon!

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