Striking Fear in the Hearts of Man


selfie! (source)

The other day, a man gazed upon my face and recoiled in horror. 

I was sitting in a gas station parking lot, waiting for my turn with the car vacuum (on a more positive note, I also cleaned my car the other day! This is a good thing because it was really starting to seem less like a car and more like a traveling dumpster). It was a lovely day; for one of the first times since spring began, the sun was sitting high in the sky, so I chose a spot in the shadows to get some relief from its rays. I was wearing all black and that, combined with the shadows and my dark features, could have caused me to…blend.

At any rate, I was sitting perfectly still in my car (chillin’, as I am wont to do) when a young man rushed over to the car next to me. He was moving so fast, I started and looked over at him. And that’s when it happened.

His eyes had been moving lazily around his surroundings, but they locked in on me when I turned my head.

“JESUS,” he screamed, and then scrambled into his jeep. He was practically falling over himself, he was trying to escape so fast. Once he was safely inside his truck, he realized his mistake, and kind of smiled sheepishly at me for a second before booking it out of there.

I sat in my car, staring in shock at the spot his car had been.

When something like this happens to you, it gives you a lot to think about. This was my basic thought pattern:

  • Whoa
  • Ok
  • That man was legitimately afraid of me
  • Or my appearance, at least…
  • Or maybe not so much my appearance as much as the fact that it probably looked like I was some kind of shadow beast
  • He probably thought that I was climbing out of the darkness of hell to seize his soul
  • You thought the two of you would exchange friendly smiles; he saw the babadook.
  • This is upsetting

Ultimately, I’ve decided that this was a positive experience. I don’t think I’ve ever struck fear into anyone’s heart before. Maybe “discomfort” or “mild amusement”, but never fear. So this is one for the books!

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to.


PS. I’m back from my blogging hiatus (Did you miss me? Did you even notice I was gone?)! I’m kind of going through the process of re-vamping my blog and getting a more clear idea of the topics I want to discuss here. So stay tuned! Or don’t. Or do.

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