Get Into It!

Look, I’m gonna be totally honest with you: I had a whole awesome intro written up about how I wanna start doing a monthly favorites thing on my blog because it seemed like the hip-thing-to-do, but because I am a fool, I didn’t realize that my laptop’s battery was dwindling until it died while I was mid paragraph.

Now, that original intro paragraph was amazingly well crafted: It was full of jokes and astute observations about life. But it’s gone now; it vanished into the ether, along with several of my research papers, never to be seen again. True, I could try to go back and time and remember what I originally wrote, but I feel it’s best that we leave the past in the past. Yes, I loved that original intro paragraph. But sometimes, the things you love aren’t meant to be with you, y’know? Sometimes, they yearn for greener pastures, for bluer skies, and who are you to hold them back from that?

…Other times, you spend your whole night watching obscure clips from old Disney shows and now don’t have the strength or soundness of mind to remember anything you wrote. Either way, it’s best to move on.

Here was the gist of it: I’m a cool person, I like cool stuff, now I want to share said cool stuff with you.

Here we go:

1. Broad City

I first came upon Broad City by accident. Unlike most accidents in my life, however, this one didn’t cause me countless years of unspeakable anguish– nay, this mistake lit up my life and changed my world for the better. This mistake took me gently by the hand and led me into the promised land.

This mistake provided me with this amazing clip:

Broad City is an awesome show on Comedy Central written and created by Abbi Jaccobson and Ilana Glazer. The two of them have been friends and comedy partners forever; many of their adventures on the show are based off of things that have happened to them over the years. It’s hilarious, the music is great, and even though the stories sometimes stretch into absurdity, they always have a realistic vibe to them. Broad City is definitely one of my favorite shows of all time. so-alive-broad-city

New episodes air every Wednesday on Comedy Central, but if you can’t wait until then, check out their youtube channel. Before Broad City was on TV, it was an equally hilarious web-show. Get into it!

2. Aquaphor

A few months ago, my friend Rahama accused me of being a Beyonce stan.


But I was lying. 

Here is how I really feel about Beyonce: I don’t think that she’s a real person; I think that she is a growing orb of light, the power of which has somehow been harnessed and channeled into creating a human like form. I think that everything she touches turns into gold and that when she takes even a single breath, a puppy is born.

In short, my appreciation for Beyonce rivals even my love for Oprah. And that is saying something.

That’s why when Beyonce mentioned offhandedly that she uses Aquaphor to moisturize her skin, I was blown away. Oh my God, I thought to myself, I use the same lotion as Beyonce! *Cue several fantasies about accidentally bumping into Beyonce in the lotion aisle at Target. We’d exchange knowing smiles as we both gracefully tossed a jar of the cream into our carts, forever bonded by the knowledge that we are the only two people in the store- nay, the world- who truly know what’s up*

"USE AQUAPHOR AND YOU'LL LOOK LIKE THIS"- that's not what their slogan is, but it should be. (source)

“USE AQUAPHOR AND YOU’LL LOOK LIKE THIS”- that’s not what their slogan is, but it should be. (source)

Of course, I don’t buy it just because Beyonce uses it. Aquaphor is regarded by many medical professionals to be one of the best creams on the market. Several people have used Aquaphor and found relief from all kind of skins ailments, including excema. Tattoo artists often apply it to skin after finishing up because of it’s healing properties. I’ve used it myself throughout several years of cuts and burns, and it has always come through for me. Also, it’ll even out your skin tone after a few weeks of use, if that’s something you’re interested in!

Basically, Beyonce (and several licensed professionals) think Aquaphor is amazing. I do, too, but my opinion is far less important. So if you love yourself and you love your skin, get in on that!  

Welp, that’s it: Two cool things that will make your life at least ten times better.

Stay trill,



2 thoughts on “Get Into It!

  1. barborapalovcikova says:

    I fuck up with my intros all of the time (why do I never save it???? I´ll never learn), so instead of something witty and genuinely good, I have to settle for a boring and mediocre bit. whatevs, one day I will remember to save and then my true writing talent will see the light of the day
    OMG I LOVE broad city!! such a good show (you and Abbi both adore Oprah! Im 100% Ilana – the lack of clothing, bold make-up, showing way too much love for my girlfriends than they would like, randomly breaking into dance routines and screaming when im excited). They´re both an inspiration.

    Also, how you think of beyonce that´s how I view you most of the time tbt.
    I might even buy the lotion because I have dry skin problems sometimes and you got me hooked!

    I really loved this article, hope you´ll do more of monthly favourites:)

    • mebeki says:


      And yeah, I used to think that the whole intro thing would get better with time, but I've been blogging for almost three years and I still mess it up :/

      As for Broad City, I am DEFINITELY Abbi- I have the buzzed quiz results to prove it haha 🙂

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