Tell Me How You Feel

Have you ever sat down and really focused on how you feel? I mean really thought about it, poured every ounce of your energy into figuring it out?

The other day in my psychology class, we were given a feelings chart similar to the one I posted above. When I first saw it, I thought it was a little ridiculous; I’ve always considered myself to be someone who knows who I am and what I want. Though my future seems blurry at times, I’ve always thought that I’m at least hobbling in a vaguely correct direction. True, I have several flaws, each more ridiculous than the last, and I am doing absolutely nothing to fix them, but at least I know what they are. I never considered the possibility that I would need a chart to help me vocalize how I’m feeling.

But I was wrong.

After taking a good hard look at the chart- and at myself- I realized that I never use any of these words to describe how I’m feeling. If the emotion isn’t as clear cut as “happy” or “sad”, I don’t really take the time to figure it out. All of the difficult, confusing feelings just get rolled into a general category of “Meh”. The feelings chart made me realize that half the time, I have no idea how I feel at all.

I am not usually a person who makes New Years Resolutions (because why make promises you can’t keep, amiright?), but I think that this year I’m going to make an exception: I want 2015 to be the year I figure it all out. I want it to be the year that I am capable of understanding and acknowledging all of my emotions instead of just shrugging them off and moving on with my life. I want it to be the year that I can answer honestly when someone asks me how I’m feeling.

I’m not sure if any of you have the same problem, but if you do, let’s work on making 2015 the year we put it all behind us! OR: you could just repress it! Your call!



7 thoughts on “Tell Me How You Feel

    • mebeki says:

      🙂 haha I’m glad to be of service! Also, I never told you, but I really enjoyed reading your first post for dazzled! And also your response to Ellen’s Mike Brown post. It was very eloquent, even though she didn’t seem willing to understand :/ Annnnyway, I look forward to reading your articles this month!

      • tryingnovelty says:

        Thank you!!! I’m glad you thought that cuz I was worried I came off as extremely angry (which to be honest I was haha). Unfortunately I won’t be writing this month… Or very much at all in the future 😦
        I emailed Dessi that I wanted to be removed just cuz I felt really bad that I couldn’t keep up with the commitment and I didn’t wanna be put up as a writer when I wasn’t properly contributing 😥
        But hopefully I will write again in the summer when all the school craziness dies down… It’s such an awesome website! I’m still going to keep up with it and your posts :’)

    • mebeki says:

      It’s weird, because it’s like I GUESS I know how I feel, but if you asked me to specifically describe it, I probably couldn’t. It all just gets a little vague for me. But I also spend a lot of time in my head…just usually thinking about other’s emotions, not mine haha 🙂

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