Onwards and Upwards

If you look at my blog’s sidebar, under the ever-so-subtle heading “ME ME ME”, you’ll find an about box. In that box, I describe myself as an “Aspiring Storyteller”. I had kind of forgotten that the box was there; when you look at the same thing over and over again it sort of begins to fade into the background. It became just one box among many on an obscenely pink web page.

The other day, I saw the box and I remembered: Oh yeah. That’s what I’m doing here. Becoming a storyteller. At the moment, I would never describe myself as a storyteller- at most, I would call myself a “writer”- air quotes included. There’s definitely a big difference.

So I’ve been working on becoming a better storyteller, namely by contributing my work to other websites. One of those websites is Dazzled, an online magazine. On the About page, Dazzled is described as “…An online magazine by young girls. It covers an abundance of topics and shares art and writing by different creators. The aim of Dazzled is to give young girls a platform to share their interests along with others who may not necessarily have the same ones. This magazine brings passionate girls together, giving them a say regarding their beliefs and a space to share their creations.”



So basically, it’s pretty awesome.

Dazzled is just starting out, so we’re still trying to get the word out. Tell your family! Tell your friends! Like the pages on social media! Climb up the nearest tree and scream the word “DAZZLED,” into the night!

…You know. If you feel like it.

You can read my first article for the website here. But while you’re there, you can also read a bunch of other articles by other girls, most (all) of them much more graceful and articulate than I. I’m going to be contributing to Dazzled regularly, which is pretty exciting for me! While I’m still not totally confident that my writing is good enough to be anywhere else but my blog, I’m hoping to slowly get better until, like a butterfly, I emerge from my cocoon as a better storyteller. Then, like a boa constructor, I will devour the English language whole, filling my gaping maw with newfound knowledge until I am truly a MASTER OF LITERATURE. Or…Something like that? IDK that simile sort of fell apart. But regardless: Change is in the air.

Movin’ on up, guys. Movin’ on up.



5 thoughts on “Onwards and Upwards

  1. tryingnovelty says:

    I just read your post on the mag website and it just made me so happy. I think you’re a brilliant mix of a writer and a storyteller and I think you’re amazing. Seriously.
    Also, the entire concept of the website is so freaking cool!
    I’m gonna stop gushing now.

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