Au Revoir, NaBloPoMo.

Today is November 30’th, and you know what that means:


When I first started this project, I didn’t really think that I would make it; I expected to write something for a couple of days, then just sort of slowly fade away. And yet, here we are: For thirty days, I have successfully managed to post content on this blog. Admittedly, it was mediocre, mediocre content, but content nonetheless. HUZZAH!

Now that I’m done with NaBloPoMo, I think I’m going to make some changes to my blog. Prior to November, I would write two, maybe three, blog posts a month. That was because I had to wait for something important and/or weird to happen before I could write anything. I always wanted to have a special story to share with you guys, or nothing at all.

I want to change that, so after this month, I’ll be bringing a wider variety of content to The Theory of Everything. I’m not sure what that exactly means right now, but I know that it will include more emphasis on pop culture and more funny observations. I’ll plan it as I go because I’m BREEZY!

Thanks for reading this month, and SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND.



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