Are you for real?

***WARNING: If you don’t like knowledge, you should probably stop reading now***

My interpersonal communication class is pretty much what you’d expect it to be: we learn about how humans as a species pass information between one another and what social barriers can interfere with our messages. It’s all pretty straightforward. Every now and then, however, we mix it up by doing some kind of social experiment to get a better understanding of our own communication skills.

Today, we did just that. We discussed the idea that all of us perceive ourselves in different ways depending on the setting. This leads to the creation of “multiple selves”, or different versions of our personality that we switch between. As a result, the way we see our self versus the way others view us can often be very different.

One way to examine your various selves is through a Johari Window.

The “open” window represents information and parts of our self that are know by both us and the people around us. The “blind” area represents information that is known by the people around us, but not to our self. The “hidden” area represents information that we know about our self, but we hide from the world. The final square, the “unknown” area, stands for information that is not known by anyone.

In order to use the window, someone must choose a couple personality traits that they think best describe them. At first, these traits are automatically put into the “open” area. Then, others vote on your window, deciding whether or not they agree with the traits you’ve chosen. They can also add traits that they think best describe you. When others contribute, the traits that they’ve chosen but you did not go into the “blind” area and the traits that you chose but others did not go into the “hidden” window. The traits you both agree on stay in the “open” area. All other traits go into the “unknown” area- only time will tell if they describe your personality!

I filled out my own Johari window here– if you know me, go ahead and pick a couple traits you think describe me! If you don’t know me personally, then do it anyway- I’m curious to see how my readers view me. Then, fill out a Johari window of your own to use with the people in your life. It’s the best kind of family fun: the kind that could potentially destroy relationships forever!

There’s also a “dark” Johari window for negative personality traits, but it’s hella depressing, so I wouldn’t recommend it!

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