On Friday, me and my friend, Maddie, went to see the College Humor Live tour. If you’re not familiar with college humor, they are an awesome internet-based comedy troupe. They make funny and clever videos like this:

and this:

The show was being held in a fancy-looking theater in the city, and I was positive that I was not cool enough to get in. Never mind the fact that I had already payed for my ticket, I knew in my heart that the ticket-checker-guy would take on look at me, laugh and send me on my merry way. But this is real life and not an episode of Degrassi so everything was fine.


Look how weird and blurry I look!

The show itself was great. Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld opened for Streeter Seidell. There were a lot of masturbation jokes, but I think they were done in a (mostly) tasteful fashion. After the show, there was a meet and greet.Β I was shaking with excitement. I’ve been a fan of College Humor forever, I honestly couldn’t believe it was happening. It all sort of felt like a fever dream.


Meeting people you admire is truly the weirdest thing. I thought that when we got to the front of the line, I’d have all of these witty and insightful things to say and we would become best friends. Or maybe, we’d share a high five so epic, I wouldn’t have to say anything at all. They would just know.

Instead, what happened was that I walked up to Jake, Amir, and Streeter, and had literally nothing to say. I didn’t even make eye contact. I just kind of stood idly by while Maddie asked them to record a video for her sister who couldn’t make it (which they did because they’re GREAT.) Then we posed for a picture and quickly shuffled away so the next people could have their turn.

As we walked away, I felt a little bad that I had ruined what was probably my one chance to talk with them in person. But then, I looked at the picture we’d taken and I felt a little better.



I will never get over the fact that this picture exists. Never.

Afterwards, me and Maddie ran into the night, the bright lights of Minneapolis shining behind us. As we ran, I couldn’t help but feel like a character in a CW show: young, wild, and full of endless possibilities. Which was a little ridiculous because it was only like 9:30 and it’s not like we were on our way to a hip club or anything. We were both heading home to get a good night’s sleep. But still.

We took a bus back to Maddie’s dorm. As we sat down, a towering man with a bushy beard came in behind us.

“Hello,” he said to us, his voice raspy and his eyes confused.

“Hi!” I said in reply.

“I was, but not anymore.”


“You said ‘hi’. I was, but I’m not now.”

And that pretty much sums up that conversation.

When we got back to Maddie’s dorm, this poster was hanging in the hallway, and it made me really happy:


All in all, it was a fantastic night:)



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