What has become of me?

First of all, this:

I laugh every time.

Second of all, today I was walking briskly through a parking lot when somehow, I managed to accidentally kick my boot off of my foot, sending it flying a good four yards away from me. I stopped in my tracks. It occurred to me that if this was a romantic comedy, a handsome-yet-roguish young man would hurry to grab my shoe before it hit the ground and then return it to me with a flourish. Then, I would blush and he would mumble a dumb pun about sweeping me off my feet and we would embrace and the credits would roll and it would be MAGICAL. 

Instead, what happened was that I quickly hobbled over to my shoe, hoping no one was watching me. Alas, a group of teen boys noticed my shameful shuffle across the lot and began to laugh uncontrollably as I dragged my sock covered foot through a small, sludgy pond. Disgrace wrapped itself around me like a robe of fine silk.

Anyway, how was your day?



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