Once upon an awesome night!

So, tonight was pretty fun!

I went to see my old high school’s production of Once Upon A Mattress with some of my friends. Overall, everything went well, save for a few awkward moments:

1.) My family and I were running late to the school (even though I specifically told my father test we needed to leave an hour early if we wanted to get good seats…but I digress) and by the time we got there, there weren’t enough tickets. So me and my pal Darby (who’d hitched a ride with us) just had to wave awkwardly as they drove away.

2.) The whole musical, my leg was brushing against some stranger’s thigh. The weirdest part was that she never moved it! I kept jerking my leg away, but somehow, her thigh kept finding me. The stranger was just a little old woman, so I’m sure she didn’t have any weird intentions, but still. I spent most of the show glancing nervously between the stage and my elderly aggressor.

3.) When the show was over, my friends and I went to McDonald’s. As expected, we were unable to decide we wanted and ended up spending a million minutes tying to figure it out. I was determined to get a mighty kids meal, but my friends insisted that it didn’t exist! I tried to fight with them, but they were stronger. I ended up getting a happy meal (With a girl’s toy, no less! Everyone knows that the boys get the best toys…but again, I digress).


what is this filth

As we pulled up to the final window to pay, I asked the employee if mighty kids meals still existed, and she confirmed that I was right! Rage burned bright in my heart for a moment, but then I forgot because french fries.


Also, any night that includes this picture can’t be that bad.

So yeah! All in all, a pretty fantastic way to spend a Saturday:)



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