Conversation with my mother (Part 3)

Today after class, I decided that me and my mother needed to spend some quality time together. Usually, whenever we hang out, we do what she wants to do, and it’s always awful. My mother’s interests are limited to cooking really complicated dishes, doing yard work, and complaining about the youths that run free in our neighborhood (“It’s past eight! Where are their parents??”).

After eighteen years of cultivating exotic cabbages together, I decided to mix it up. And what better to induce bonding than a Disney movie?! I popped in the classic cartoon Lady and The Tramp, excited to see what she would think of it. I spent most of the movie with my eyes flitting frantically between my mother and the TV screen, eager to catch her every reaction. Lady and the Tramp is one of my favorites, and I was certain that she would feel the same.

I was very wrong.

Everything was going fine until we reached the famous Bella Notte scene.

The music! The setting! THE ROMANCE!Β Though I was captivated, my mother quickly expressed her distaste with the situation.


What is this mess?


What do you mean? It’s beautiful!


(Full of righteous indignation)



(stunned silence)


(with rapidly increasing rage)

Why are they sharing a noodle? That’s just sick. Think of the spittle!




They’re dogs. This is nonsense! Why did you make me watch this?




I’ll never eat spaghetti again. I told you we should have just raked the yard.

Sigh. You win some, you lose some.



What do you think?

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