Kiana and her family take St. Paul!

Today my family went out again and this time, I took pictures!


We went to Applebees for half-price on appetizers. Unfortunately, the deal didn’t start until nine and we arived at seven forty. Instead of just ordering something from the regular menus (you know, like normal people) we opted to wait until nine to seize the deal.


For an hour and a half, my family and I kept deflecting our waitress’ requests that we order and gtfo of her restaurant.


Waitress: “Are you guys ready to order yet?”

Us: “Ummm…we’ll just have more water, please.”

…we were super annoying.

Anyway, nine finally came around and we stuffed our gaping maws full of appetizers galore!


All things considered, I’d say it was a pretty good night:)



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