Kerry Washington hosted SNL and my heart is happy.

It’s only day four of NaBloPoMo, and I’m already running out of ideas, so I’m just gonna talk about SNL. Okay? Okay.

Last Saturday, my spirit animal Kerry Washington hosted Saturday night live. Even though Kerry will forever be my bby, I was a bit afraid that she was going to bomb: many times, when actors known primarily for more serious roles take on SNL, they aren’t up to the task of handling comedy. I know that there are many serious actors that manage to bring light to the show (see: Jon Hamm) but more often than not, their performances fall flat (see: January Jones). Fortunately, Kerry was more than ready to take on the challenge of hosting SNL. She brought her A-game to every skit she was in, even the ones that weren’t laugh-out-loud funny.

All in all, I’d give this Episode a “B”: the content wasn’t the best, but enthusiastic performances by Kerry and the cast saved the show.

LOVE: My Girl

LIKE: Career Week Sketch

LOATHE: Ms.Universe pageant



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