The Great Gatsby, indeed.

CLASSY AF. (source)

This might be a really uncomfortable thing to say, but F. Scott Fitzgerald is my author crush. Everything he writes is so eloquent and emotional and always just right, and it makes me want to throw my laptop into the streets and cry in a corner forever. At the same time, however, I kind of hate him for being everything I’ve ever wanted to be and pretty much living out my dream life.

…You know, besides the mentally unstable wife, extreme alcoholism, and bouts of depression. Basically, I just want the writing ability.

Anyway, I, along with everyone else in the world, consider Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby to be one of the finest literary works ever written. So there was absolutely NO way I was going to miss the premier of the movie last night. It was everything I expected and more: I felt every emotion, I absorbed every sight, and at that moment, Gatsby was everything. My soul was full, and there was no room for anything else.

In case you’ve been living in the wilderness for all of eternity, the movie follows the rise and fall of Jay Gatsby, a man so obsessed with a lost dream, so convinced in the promise of the world, that he tried to force the past to repeat itself.

Spoiler Alert: It doesn’t end well.

In the very last paragraph of the novel. Nick Carraway reflects upon Gatsby’s life and the events of the summer, deciding there is noting anyone can do but move on:

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” 


So I won’t.

Instead, I give you this playlist for moments when life seems too grand to comprehend and nothing makes sense anymore, for when the night seems is so all-encompassing, it bleeds into your soul like ink, only to vanish as suddenly as it began.

A playlist for Gatsby, a man who dared to hope.



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