Fun fact about me: I used to think that 17 was the perfect age to be.

Not because it meant a wider range of freedom from my parents or more opportunities to grow as a human being or something like that. I wanted to be 17 because then, when I read the newest issue of “Seventeen” magazine, I could rest easy knowing that all of the information written on those sacred pages was intended for me. It was a prize of sorts, a nod of approval from the entire world that I had finally come into my own.

As I got closer to being seventeen, however, it began to mean something totally different. Seventeen is like this halfway point: you’re still a teenager, but you’re expected to act with all the same grace and sophistication as an adult. You’re beginning to make the transition into THE REAL WORLD, but you also need to live life with wild abandon often associated with the youths of America. To quote Britney Spears, You’re not a girl, but also not yet a woman. You’re somewhere in between with everyone expecting you to be everything at once. That’s a lot of pressure, and, as you well know, I DO NOT work well under pressure.

I’ve been seventeen for almost a year now, and much of that time has been spent fighting my age, trying to hold on to some of my youth. I’ve watched watched dozens of cartoons and I’ve checked out comic books from the library. I’ve even gotten up thirty minutes earlier some mornings to watch PBS.

Today, it is May third. As of right now, I have about twenty days left in high school. I also have about twenty days until I become eighteen. I have about twenty days until everything in my life changes forever. Yes, much like the characters from Degrassi (AKA the best, most over dramatic show ever created) my life is about to get real.

I’ve been thinking about my future and what I want to do with my life a lot lately. Before, any sort of change in my life sent me spiraling into a cesspool of despair. Now, however, when I think about what the future will bring, I feel excitement.

I’ve realized that being seventeen shouldn’t be about being afraid. Or, at least, not just about being afraid. Being seventeen should be spent taking the time to figure out the vaguest possible life course and take your first tentative steps down that road. You don’t need to have all the answers right now. Personally, I think it’s a mistake if you do. This is the time to constantly learn new things and experiment with ideas! This is the time to put on your sailor hat and board the S.S. Discovery! Adventure, straight ahead!

With that thought in mind, I have begun to lay out the brickwork for my future: I am (probably) going to pursue a career in writing. I’m not completely sure what kind of writing yet, but hopefully something of the humorous variety.

I’ve also decided that If I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it correctly. So I’ve created an official Facebook fan page dedicated to the blog. Go hard, or go home, amiright?! If you consider yourself a fan of my blog (which also makes you one of my favorite people in the world! #Togetha5Eva) please “Like” the page for updates and messages and fun things like that.

Of course, at any moment, I could completely change my mind. And that’s okay: THE FUTURE IS A BLANK CANVAS AND I AM THE AUTHOR. And I suppose that’s the true meaning of being seventeen: Possibility. 

(lol that was so cheesey)

Byeee Guyzzz ❤



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