Conversation With My Mother


Fade In: 

Int. Typical suburban home. A wintery mix is falling from the sky, even though it is well into April. KIANA eyes this development with trepidation as she stares out of the window, praying she will not have to wade through snow on her graduation day. Sighing, KIANA turns away from the window, giving MOM her full attention. MOM sits on a bar stool eating a cheese sandwich, the usual mix of dormant rage evident on her face. 


Why is this sandwich so soggy? I swear I cooked it correctly.


(Throws hands into the air and wails in demonstration of teen angst.)

Mother, I am going nowhere in life.


(Looks up sharply, a look of confusion flashing across her face)

What do you mean?


I just mean that I feel like every day, I become a little less valuable to society.


(Takes a giant bite out of her sandwich. Chews slowly.) 

(Aggressively) Is this my fault?


(Rolls eyes in frustration. Re-positions self so she is facing MOM.)

No, it’s not your fault.


(Suddenly overcome with a random bout of rage)

Well, then why are you telling me?


I’m just talking, I guess. All I’m saying is that I’m almost eighteen and I am virtually the same as when I was twelve. Where’s my adventure? Where’s my excitement? I want- NAY, I demand- a coming of age story!


(Looks completely baffled. Takes another slow bite of her sandwich as she processes her daughter’s words.)

When I turned eighteen, all I got was malaria.


(Sighs deeply and begins to stare out of the window once more.)

Fade Out:

Snow continues to fall over the typical suburban home as night wraps itself around the town. 

NOTE: I totally got the idea to “draw” a picture via Microsoft paint from my pal Poof (Who coincidentally has a blog that you should read ASAP!).


9 thoughts on “Conversation With My Mother

    • mebeki says:

      Unfortunately, yes haha πŸ™‚ I’m glad you enjoyed it! Do you have a blog? I’d love to read more about your life! (i hope that doesn’t sound stalker-y?)

  1. barborapalovcikova says:

    NOoo, absolutely not! It makes me happy that youΒ΄re interested in reading about my life:):) I just made one! I only uploaded the introduction, but I really do hope I will write regularly now, I guess weΒ΄ll see.

  2. Ree says:

    LOOOOL!!!! I love that you described your moms facial expression as dormant rage because it’s so fitting LOLOL I love it though, she was the first person I learned how to stare unflinchingly from and sometimes when I find myself being scared to assert myself and make eye contact I think of her stare and how unwavering it always is and try to imitate it!

    • mebeki says:

      I always try and emulate her, too! I don’t think it works very well, though. When my mom does it, her face says “Don’t mess with me.” When I do it, my face seems to say, “This is a person who’s day you should ruin”. But maybe practice makes perfect!

  3. Emily says:

    “I’m almost eighteen and I am virtually the same as when I was twelve.” I think I JUST literally a few days ago said something very similar to this. did you get the coming of age adventure?!!? because I’ve got about a month before the whole “adult” thing and I’m still waiting.

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