This isn’t for you, it’s for Poof.

The best thing that's ever happened. Photo Credit goes to Aj.

The best thing that’s ever happened. Photo Credit goes to Aj.

*This isn’t a real blog post. It is simply me expounding on the joys of true friendship. Continue reading at your own risk.*

Hey, Poofy/Kaitlin! I have a story for you:

When we were in third grade, your mother volunteered to help our class for an art project. As I’m sure you remember, your mother was the chief member of the ‘Art in the Classroom’ initiative that our elementary school implemented in order to cultivate creativity in our young minds. Despite the fact that Art in the Classroom was supposed to be built around fun times and exploration, your mother ruled with an Iron fist: she marched around the room, like a commanding officer inspecting her troops, always looking for something to fix. If even a pinch of glitter was used out of turn, she sprang, ready to sink her teeth into some unsuspecting young child.

…In the most charming way possible, of course.

Anyway, In third grade, I was the epitome of awkward. It seemed that everything I did was met with humiliating failure, usually in front of my peers.

That day was no exception.

Your mother walked from desk to desk, handing out glue sticks and overseeing the crafting process. As she did so, she seemed to be in a brighter mood than usual. At one point, she even threw her head back in wild laughter! It was this change in her personality that made me brave: I felt encouraged to ask her something I’d always wondered.

As she stopped by my desk to hand me my glue stick, I smiled up at her. She smiled back, and it seemed that she radiated pure joy. Now was the time!

“I have a question,” I began,”Is Kaitlin’s dad black? I was wondering because of her hair.”

The smile immediately vanished from her face and her eyes became dark pools of rage. I swear, at that moment, she would have thrown me into the depths of hell if possible.

Anyway, Happy birthday!

Kiana ❤

PS. Kaitlin, AKA Poof, has a blog of her very own now! Check her out at 


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