My blog is lieutenant Dan

Hello, friends!

Wanna give me an awesome Christmas gift? Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas? Then leave suggestions for all the things you’d like to see me blog about in 2013!

Also, I don’t know if this came across in the video, but I am eternally grateful for you guys sticking around with me these last few months. Let’s go for a full year!

(Yes, I know I’ve made that One Direction joke like five times already. Just let me have this.)



7 thoughts on “My blog is lieutenant Dan

  1. AJ Larson says:

    Review Nicholas Cage’s Red Carpet fashion; Tell how historical events (ex. WWII, The French Revolution, Civil Rights) could have ended differently, Make One Direction parody songs about your life, Think of a backstory of why a chicken DID cross the road, Review popular folk albums

  2. Kaitlin....poof says:

    Omg sorry my response is late here are my thoughts:
    -stories relating to friends.
    -you’re thoughts on social networks and the Internet as a whole.
    -mr. Kirkam

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