6 Possible Autobiography titles


This will be the cover photo.

On this blog, I discuss several facets of my life. But really, there’s only one thing you need to know about me:

I am extremely important.

With that in mind, it’s only logical to assume that there is a book deal waiting for me in the future. In preparation for that momentous event, I have compiled several possible titles for what I assume will be the first in a string of of New York Times bestsellers.

After all: If Miley Cyrus can do it, so can I.

6. I Didn’t Brush My Hair Again (and Other Minor Problems).

5. I Hate My Job, But I Really Like Money (and Other Internal Conflicts) .

4. Secret ‘Twilight’ Book Five.

3. I Just Really Feel Like Nicki Minaj Wouldn’t Like Me. 

2. The Girl Without a Tattoo.

1. I wrote this book instead of doing my French homework.

Don’t worry, though. I’ll remember the little people when I get to the top.



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