Lame pun. Awesome video.

A friend introduced to Macklemore a couple days ago. At first, I was like, “What?”, but then I was like, “THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER PRAISE BE TO MACKLEMORE.”, and I’m sure you can understand why.

This video has it all: R-Kelly references (Pisssssssssssssss) , amusing wordplay, and this fur coat:


“And in that moment, we were infinite” (source)

Look at me and say that that coat isn’t the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. Say it, and watch me laugh in your face.

As if I didn’t already spend enough money on ridiculous things. Now, a good chunk of my paycheck will be going towards purchasing your granddad’s hand-me-downs.

And even worse, I’m totally okay with that.



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