I like what I like

{This is a blog post that I found in my drafts folder. I guess I just never got around to putting it up? also:

Lookin' good, Troy. (source)

Lookin’ good, Troy. (source)

(This doesn’t have anything to do with the rest of the article. I just really like Donald Glover and his show “Community”. How is everybody not watching Community??! I don’t understand. I’ll keep watching forever. Six seasons and a movie, baby. Six seasons and a movie.)}

It’s currently 4 am.

I am sitting on my bed playing spider solitaire, occasionally glancing over at an issue of Glamour Magazine while One Direction’s album drones on in the background (I chose 1D because their album is called “Up All Night”. Get it? Because I stayed up all night??? Hahahahaha..haha..ha..LET ME HAVE THIS).

When I looked around myself and realized what I was doing, I was overcome with shame. But then I thought: WHY? 

Why should I feel shame?

Maybe I prefer playing spider solitaire to human contact. What of it? My winning percentage is 92% and getting better everyday.

Maybe I like spending the majority of my paycheck on magazines because my parents refused to renew my 5 subscriptions this year. I always buy “O”, the Oprah Magazine. THINK OF HOW SELF-ACTUALIZED I’LL BE BY THE TIME I FINISH READING THIS ISSUE.

Maybe I like listening to One Direction, even though I’m aware their lyrics are super generic and the singers themselves are kind of boring with a bit of a creepy streak (I’m looking at you , Zayn). But It’s okay! Because (puts on sunglasses) THEY’VE GOT THAT ONE THING. #comeatme

Actually, I take that back. That whole Zayn-leading-unsuspecting-underage-girls-to-his-hotel-room thing is really gross and unacceptable  Why is no one doing anything about that?


The point I was trying to make before this post turned into incoherent dribble was that I like what I like, and It doesn’t matter if it’s weird or looked down upon by the general public. (Unless you’re a murderer/rapist. Then you should stop. It’s also not okay if you’re a drug addict. Unless the drugs are prescription. Then it’s fine and you should take them all at once.)

You should like what you like, too. Too often, our society shames those who appreciate the eccentric/lesser know things in life (or sometimes those who like things that are super popular ex.Justin Beiber.) (Bieber?) (No, Beiber. I checked.) (“I” before “E” except inside “Beiber”.) into rejecting them for more “normal” pursuits. I’m not okay with this. I hate when people jump on the hating band-wagon just because they’ve been told something is too out there or because it’s  too popular. I decide what I think is cool for myself. There is no reason you should let anyone’s ideas crush your own, or let their opinion override yours. Everybody just needs to put down the haterade and CALM THE HECK DOWN.


..This is the worst blog post ever.


Ps. (why are there so many parenthesis?)


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