The few and the Proud

You could be a follower. Or you could be this. You decide. (source)

You could be a follower. Or you could be this. You decide. (source)

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up, take a look around yourself and think “Nope. I just don’t care.”?

Well, I appear to be having one of those lives.

I was totally prepared to continue on in this fashion, passing down the torch of apathy to my children, and my children’s children, but today I attended a leadership convention that changed everything. For so long, I have accepted the fact that my rightful place in society is as a follower, dutifully following the orders of the different leaders in my life. Today, however, I was informed that by being so apathetic to anything and everything, and so willing to follow, I am a horrible, lazy person.

To that I say: What exactly is wrong with being a follower?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

We followers get a bad rep. Wherever we go, harsh allegations of laziness are sure to follow. From an early age, we are fed propaganda that our lives will be meaningless if we do not strive to lead ourselves and others forward. While this is a noble and honorable path to take, it is not the only one.

Let me ask you this: have you ever looked at somebody in a position of power and thought “How? How are you even a person, much less a leader?“. I know I have. The simple fact of the matter is that not everyone can be a leader.

The world is run by followers. Without our strong desire to stick to the status quo (heh heh heh) and march ever onward in a never ending parade of sameness, nothing would ever get done. Followers look out for the “Us” rather than the “I”, and yearn to do what’s best for everyone in a calm, peaceful manner. You can count on a follower. We are trustworthy and have proven our worth time and time again.

My critics may argue that leaders are far superior, that without them, we’d never have innovators like Bill Gates or Martin Luther King Junior.

I would just like to point out that for every Dr.King, there’s an Adolf Hitler, just waiting to use his “wise leadership” to commit unspeakable crimes against the human race. Of course, the blame also falls on the followers who were too blind to see the things Hitler was doing. A true follower does not close their eyes and chase in darkness after their leader, but instead uses their discerning power as the majority to stop such a catastrophe before it begins.

So let us carry on, our heads held high, the few, the proud, THE FOLLOWERS.



What do you think?

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