LOL at how I think people read my blog.


Can you feel it?

Fall has returned in all it’s glorious beauty and with it has brought me peace of mind.

So what if it’s senior year and everything is different and harder and soon all my friends will be gone? Everything’s gonna be fine.


And I hope you agree, because my blog is about to go through some serious changes:

  1. Blog Schedule! Yes. I shall now write a new blog post three times a week. And If I don’t, you’re totally allowed to punch me in the face. I won’t even get mad. I might cry and curl up into the fetal position for a while, but no rage will enter my heart. But more importantly..
  2. New Blog name! Just let me catch up has officially changed to Awkwardly Yours. I feel like it just describes what I am all about better. I love it. I hope you love it, too.

Do you even see how mentally healthy I am now? Oprah would be so jealous.

Awkwardly yours,

Kiana ❤


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