Summer Bucket-list!

It’s Weird.

After writing my last blog post, I was all happy because it’s August. Now, I want to jump off of a building because of the same reason.

IT’S AUGUST. What?? How did that happen?! WHERE DID MY SUMMER GO?!

I’ll tell you where: right down the toilet (AKA my job).

But whatever. There’s still one more month. And I plan on fully making the most of it. So here is my Last-minute-adventure-summer-bucket-list-extravaganza: The things I want to do, but will probably ignore in favor of sleeping. 

  • Going on a road trip! This is something I’ve wanted to do since the beginning of time, and I’m sure you can understand why: Action! Adventure! Excitement beyond your wildest dreams! These are all things that a road trip guarantees. That, and junk food. Count me in!
  • Befriending an elderly person! This goal stems from many of my favorite childhood books. You know: a troubled teen is forced to help out an elderly person for the summer. At first, he/she resists it, but by the end of the book, they are the best of friends! Or the elderly person dies, causing the troubled youth to think back fondly on all their times together and learn a valuable lesson. I need that to be me! (minus the dying part because that’s too sad for me to handle) I would be the best elderly person assistant EVER. You don’t even know. I keep trying to force my elderly neighbor, Melody, to be my friend, but now every time she sees me walking up to her front door, she closes her blinds. Sigh.
  • Creating a band! And I already know what it would be called: DESTINY’S BASTARD CHILD. Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t want a ticket to that concert.
  • Actually starting that bad movie club! Yeah. A while back, I decided that me and all of my friends would die if we didn’t form a bad movie club. So I made a group on Facebook. And nothing happened. But that needs to change, like, yesterday. All those in favor of going to someone else’s house that isn’t mine and watching a horrible move, say “Cyberbully”! (LOL she couldn’t get the cap off.)
  • Writing a book! This will probably never happen, ever, but a girl can dream.
  • Actually becoming a descent bassoon player! When the school year was ending, my music teacher, Stacy, looked me earnestly in the eyes and said “We can get you ready for band next year, Kiana. You just have to work with me.” I haven’t been to a music lesson in three months. #YOLO.
  • Having a giant sing-a-long to the song “Stacy’s Mom”! This song is the number one most played song on my iTunes account. I’m sure you know why.

Yes, summer is fast retreating, but we still have time to make the most of it!

One More Month,



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