Lolz What am I doing?



So, remember that time two weeks ago when I promised you fun times and articles galore?

Yeah. I’m really sorry that didn’t happen. But I’m back for sure now! And in my absence, I have collected a treasure trove of new knowledge and several adventures to share with you.

Among these are:

  • Poisonous cabbages
  • Revelations brought on by Twilight
  • Laziness
  • Ways to make your life awesome
  • Why we should all be more like Avril lavigne
  • Crazy people and the great things they do

…And much, much more!

Stay tuned. And please don’t hate me!


PS. Isn’t it funny how instead of finishing my online gym/health stuff, I’m writing a blog post? Lol at life.


What do you think?

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