Have you experienced the amazing beauty that is MTV’s AWKWARD?

Because if not, you haven’t lived. And I’m being totally serious.

At first, I dismissed Awkward as another stupid, short-lived piece of MTV garbage (Remember The Hard Times of RJ Berger?) (Jk I actually kind of loved that show). But then, I watched the pilot episode.

It was then that I discovered what true beauty is.

Awkward is a smart, witty, hilarious commentary on what it’s like to be a teenager in America. Even when something happens that is slightly-ridiculous, it still feels totally right. And all of the problems that Jenna deals with seem totally relatible.

And season two began last Thursday!!!!! I’m so excited, you don’t even know. It’s gonna be grand.

So: Team Jake? Or team Matty? Jatty?




3 thoughts on “AWKS.

  1. Kaitlin...poof says:

    AHHH WE SHOULD DO A MARATHON I LOVE THAT SHOW!! Really witty! Jake for sure he’s a sweetie.
    PS I thought you were going to mess with RJ Burger. Loved that show too. my life…

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