Things I’ve learned from Meg Cabot books



Do you know who she is? Because if not, that needs to change, like, yesterday. Mrs.Cabot is the beautiful being who brought us the wonderful treasure that is THE PRINCESS DIARIES among many, many other amazing contributions to the world of literature. Meg Cabot’s books are the only thing that pulled me through he cold, dark days of Middle School (ugh) and my life has been (mostly) nothing but happiness since I found her.

Mrs.Cabot uses a blend of humour, wit, and romance to create novels that are not only extremely amusing, but also deeply poignant and intelligent.

I think it is extremely important that we all take a minute and reflect on all of the life lessons we have found between the pages of her books, and I’m sure you would agree. If not..Shhh.

Three Things Meg Cabot taught Me:

  • The best things in life can only come to you if you put yourself out there. This lesson may seem pretty obvious. I mean, how can you ever expect to live an awesome life if you spend all day watching TV? You can’t. (Unless you are watching Arrested Development. In which case, carry on.) You need to step out of your shell and step into the world. The sooner, the better.
  • Sometimes, people suck. For no reason. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Except be the best person ever, which is what I would suggest. There are far more Princess Mia’s in the world than there are Lana Weinberger’s, and while the opportunity for you to crush their cell phone may never arise, there will be plenty of opportunities to combat all of the world-suck they’re spreading by just being awesome.
  • MAKE LIFE YOUR BITCH. To a nerdy sixth grader who much preferred watching Spiderman to human contact, the fact that if you really wanted to, you could make your life as awesome as possible was kind of shocking. But it’s generally true. So put “I’ve Got The Power” on your ipod and blast it for the rest of your life.
There you have it. Three important lessons Meg has taught us all. Each more cheesy than the last.
So let us raise a glass to Meg Cabot: the Judy Blume of the Facebook generation.

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