You guys. YOU GUYS. 

Do you remeber last week when I was all “I hate Channing Tatum he doesn’t have a neck bla bla bla”? Well. I was wrong. I was so, so wrong.

Not about the neck thing. That’s still a legitimate problem.

But I was wrong about my opinion of Channing Tatum. He is a wonderful, wonderful man with a great sense of humor and a heart of gold. Or at least his character in 21 Jump Street is, and I am perfectly fine with living in a beautiful world where cops go back to high school to bust secret drug rings. In fact, that would be my ideal world.


Channing and “Not-So-Slim Shady”. Obviously, this is the best movie ever.

Yes, I am hopping on the Channing Tatum band wagon. Next stop: Eternal happiness!

I’m so ashamed of myself,



What do you think?

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