I’d like to say i’m above seeing a movie simply because they wave attractive men in my face. I’d like to say that I am a strong woman, who will instead watch NOVA with her closest lady friends.

I’d like to say i above it all.

But I’m not. I already know that eventually I’ll end up in a movie theater seat, gazing up into Channing Tatum’s eyes..or if the previews are to be trusted, up at his abs.

And I didn’t even think I liked Channing Tatum! His acting really isn’t that great (Who’s The Man, anyone?) and also..he doesn’t really have a neck. Like, it’s his head, and then his shoulders just happen. But really, out of all the problems in the world to have, a mysterious lack of neck is really nothing to worry about.

Besides, Alex Pettyfer is in it. And for me, that outweighs all the bad.





What do you think?

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