My Live Sucks. (episode one) *STRESS STRESS STRESS*

Yeah. This is gonna be a thing. A cheesy, steryotypical thing, but a thing nonetheless.

Writing has always been one of my favorite things to do, creative writing especially. So, i figured, since I like writing so much, and I have access to the wonderful gift that is THE INTERNET, I might as well share with you some of the (minimal) knowledge I have picked up over the years.

This is: My Life Sucks (episode one).

Okay, so, STRESS. Everybody, no matter who you are, has probably had to deal with stress in their lives. Not your run of the mill “Oh, I’m gonna be late for work!!” I’m talkin’ horrible, bone crippling, My-World-Is-About-To-Explode STRESS. I became very comfortable with this kind of stress when last year, a horrible beast entered into my life: Chemistry. Oh my god, though, CHEMISTRY. There are honestly no words to describe how horrible chemistry made my life last year. Like, it was ridiculous. And it came out of nowhere! At the begining of the school year, I was a chemistry whiz. I knew all the elements on the periodic table. I memorized the various chapters that were essential to our knowledge. I made molar mass my BITCH.

And I was successful.

Little did I know that all of that stuff, the stuff I was good at, was only so easy because it was MEANT to be easy. Obviouly, they give you the simpler stuff first so you can work your way into the more complicated concepts. At the time, I kind of knew that. Like, I expected it to get harder. But then, I missed a couple days of school, and when I came back, we were already on the next unit.


I was so confused. And my teacher was of no use to me: every time I tried to ask for help, he publicly rebuked me. So I stopped trying. And then, my grade, which had previoudly sat proudly at an A, began to slip. I managed to patch things up before it got to the D range, but it was SO HARD. And all the while, everyones talking about how good they are at chemistry and how they’re gonna ace the next unit test, and all I can think is “Why do I suck so much?”

It was pretty much the worse thing ever. But I learned some important lessons from the experience:

  • Never, ever feel bad for asking for help. It’s okay to be confused, and it’s okay to just stop and try to understand something. Every now and then, someone would “accidentally” say something snide or condescending (“Why are you doing so bad? You’re in general chem!”) that made me want to throw my chem textbook into a burning inferno and just die. And it was horrible and just not worth it at all. If you’re confused about something, ignore the condescending bitches, and ASK. And then everything in your life will be amazing.
  • Sometimes, a little less than perfect is okay. If you are the best ever at something, go ahead and kick some ass! But if you struggle with something, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just do the best you can, and use all of your resources to the fullest.

The worst part about all of this, really, is that I’m taking Biochem next year. I see death in my future.

Well. That’s all. Now go forth, my children, and be awesome!



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