Summer, where you at?

You guys! IT’S SUMMER!!

A time for parties! A time for adventure! A time for walking along crowded boardwalks, ice cream cone in hand, and just living life.

…Or at least that’s what summer would be like if we all lived in a Sarah Dessen novel.

Unfortunately, we all get reality. And don’t get me wrong, reality is great and all: I mean, sometimes you just need a little bit of plain old vanilla in your life to keep you grounded. But every now and then, I demand sprinkles! If you never have sprinkles, you will never know happiness. And in fifty yeas, when you look back on your past, all you will remember is being huddled up in a cold, dusty corner, clutching a laptop, watching cat videos on a loop.

I, for one, do not want that future.

So I guess this is really just an open invitation to hang out with me.




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